HS&G Erosion Control LLC is a company manufacturing silt socks for use in its own projects as well as for sale to others. Confirming to NHDOT specifications, silk socks manufactured by us have been used in several State and Federal projects.

Silt socks/erosion control tubes are one of the latest developments in bio-technology of an environmental friendly, easy to install and maintain, methods to control soil erosion in landscaping, construction, mining and earth works. They are tubular and made of a fabric filled with stump grindings. They are a very efficient and cost-effective way of controlling erosion.

They are manufactured in various diameters and in custom lengths, when required. With help from us, the customer can choose socks depending on their unique needs.

The use of silt socks/erosion control tubes in controlling soil erosion has the following advantages:

- They are very cost-effective.

- They obviate the need to erect a silt fencing or straw bale barrier.

- They need very little maintenance. A silt sock/erosion control tube soaked with water settles firmly on the ground preventing silt laden water from flowing below it. The only maintenance that may be needed is to remove silt if it has accumulated to more than half the height of the sock or to stitch up small ripped portions.

- Of low height and profile, silt socks/erosion control tubes allow easier access to sites and are aesthetically pleasing.

- Silt socks/erosion control tubes are easy to install and don't need stakes unless the slope is too steep. They are easily replaced and are reusable.

Silt socks/erosion control tube are one the most environmentally friendly methods of preventing soil erosion. The filling consists entirely of wood chips, often recycled, or compost, both of which are biodegradable. The sock itself is made of a biodegradable fabric.

Manufactured in sections, silt socks/erosion control tubes are easy to ship and transport between our manufacturing plant and their destinations, saving on costs.

Contact HS&G Erosion Control for any of your erosion control needs and we will help you design and install a very effective and environmentally friendly barrier.

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Silt Sock/erosion control tubes now available in a high visibility orange.
The orange silt sock comes in 8" or 12" sizes.