HS&G Erosion Control is based in Weare, New Hampshire, and we provide customers with solutions for arresting or prevention of soil erosion. Soil erosion can result either in water pollution or soil loss, or both.

We offer our customers a wide range of solutions for soil erosion problems. We are the manufacturers of the products used to control erosion and use them in our own projects as well as providing them to customers for their various developments. With our in-depth knowledge in the industry, we advise our customers on the best course of action and on the choice of materials so as to provide the best solution while remaining on budget.

We manufacture silt fencing and silt socks and also offer the following services:

- Supply and erecting silt fencing
- Supply and installation of silk sock/erosion control tube
- Hydroseeding
- Hay mulching

When we consult on projects and after surveying the site, we brief our customers on the various options that are available to them. We guide them in selecting the best solution and the choice of materials which can be accommodated within their budget.

At HS&G Erosion Control LLC, we have an excellent customer support structure. Any of our customers can get help and advice from us during deployment of or after we have completed the project or sold materials to them.

Get in touch with HS&G Erosion Control for any and all of your erosion control needs. You will be receiving the best that current biotechnology has to offer for your soil erosion solutions.

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